About Us

      V-light hair extension is an innovative brand from China. We are a manufacturer and supplier, integrating production, research and development, and sales. Focused on providing fresh ideas and concepts for the hair extension industry, and committed to providing customers with a more comfortable and invisible perfect hair extension experience.

V-Light hair extension system is our patented product. We can provide OEM. We are willing to cooperate with hair salon workers, hair extension experts, hair traders and hair factories around the world to promote the continuous upgrading of hair extension technology, promote more comfortable and convenient hair extension technology, so that more people can enjoy the change brought by hair extension!

We also produce more than 20 types of hair extension, which can meet the needs of almost all the hair extenison needs all around the world. 

Welcome wholesale and distribution cooperations!

For business cooperation, pls can contact:

Email: vgkeji@163.com / mzheng455@gmail.com    

WhatsApp: +86 19838818812