Company Strength

V-light HAIR EXTENSION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was founded in 2020, relying on the strength of the former which engaged in medical equipment deals, transformed into a high-tech enterprise of hair extension technology . The company has launched V-Light Technology Hair Extensions System to develop the latest hair extension Technology. It includes special hair extension installation equipment and special hair extension pieces. In China, we have applied for practical technology patent and product appearance patent, we own this technique completely!

V-light hair has been certified by the European Union CE certification institutions of science and technology, the United States FCC certification body detection, through the determination of the indicators such as safety, environmental protection. All these mark that V-light technology hair extension equipment has been recognized in the international market.

Factor direct sale ! Our company has been running the factory for several years .We provide top-quality products and business service to the customers and the commercial partners.The  price we offer you is 30%-40% lower than other vendors.

1 on 1 customer service catering your special needs. Pls feel free to contact us ! We are waiting for your consulation. 

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