2021.12 Launch an independent official website, products into Germany, Brazil,   Taiwan  China
2021,11 Enter amazon Shopping Mall, Products into the foreign trade market, and successfully obtained the United States, the European Union related certificates, for international trade layout in advance.
2021.10 Participated in the 12th China Development Expo, attracting hot attention, and the products were put into the domestic market
2021.9 The product has passed the patent examination and obtained the patent of practical technology and design appearance
2021.5 Overcome all kinds of difficulties, the initial achievement transformation, and successfully passed the human hair extension test.
2020.10 Preliminarily determine the technical ideas and feasibility of hair extensions
2020.5 Market investigation, visit hair extension experts, hair salon practitioners, and hair product factories, understand the pain points and difficulties existing in each link of the hair extension market.
2020.2 Mr. Xing Zhiqiang, founder of noticed the deficiency of mainstream hair extension  technology and began to observe and think about the technical problems in the current hair extension market.