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V-light hair extensions

V-light color ring

V-light color ring

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V-LIGHT resin adhesive/glue,comply with EU CE-RoHS environmental protection directive, used for conjunction with V-light technology hair extension machine, 5-7 seconds curing hair extension. Special glue for V-light hair extension. It is soft after curing, comfortable and no residue after disassembly. high-temperature oil and water resistance

【V-light resin adhesive for hair extensions】5-7 seconds curing hair extension, no residue after disassembly. high-temperature oil and water resistance, there is no problem washing and treating your hair normally.


【PRECAUTIONS】1. Keep away from fire and sunlight, and avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and nose. 2. Forbidden to eat. 3. If It accidentally into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water for 15 minutes as soon as possible. If you still feel unwell, please seek medical help. 4. If you eat by mistake, go to the hospital for medical treatment immediately. 5. Keep this product out of reach from children.

There are a total of 51 colors in the color ring, spot goods, free shipping for three pieces(It can be purchased together with other products in stock in this store, free shipping for three pieces)

Ships within 96 hours.

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