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V-light hair extensions

V-Light glue remover

V-Light glue remover

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Efficient and Gentle Removal

The V-Light Glue Remover Liquid is designed to efficiently and gently remove hair extension glue without damaging your natural hair. Here are the key features:

Effective Dissolution: Specially formulated to dissolve the V-Light resin glue, ensuring that extensions can be easily and cleanly removed.

Gentle on Hair: Contains ingredients that are safe for natural hair, minimizing the risk of damage or irritation during the removal process.

Easy to Use: The liquid remover is simple to apply. Just a small amount can effectively break down the adhesive, making the removal process quick and hassle-free.

No Residue: Leaves no sticky residue, ensuring your hair feels clean and ready for the next application or styling.

Safe Ingredients: Formulated with non-toxic, gentle ingredients that are safe for regular use, ensuring the health and integrity of your natural hair.


【No Dead Battery & 10 seconds Auto Shut-off】

There is no need to worry about the dead battery because we specially design a 1.45 m swivel power cord for this machine. It is safer and more convenient for you to use. and not restricted by region.


Charging voltage: 5V 1A or 5V 2A ( rechargeable or plug-in use)

Charging time: 3-5 hours

Use time: 3 hours of continuous use

Electric power: 10w

Is it waterproof: No


In order to protect your eyes, pls do not contact the light with your eyes directly. And keep the product out of reach of children

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